Thursday, December 02, 2004

American Blind Justice

Next week I'm being called to testify in court, for reasons that are wildly unclear to me. Well, the immediate reason is clear: I witnessed an accident about 4.5 years ago. What's completely bizarre is that the insurance company of the person who ran the red light is fighting this--they even refused the amount that arbitration and a settlement offer proposed--and I cannot for the life of me figure out why any sensible business would do this. There's a WITNESS! And, btw, the guy who ran the light SAID he did. So why is the insurance company taking everyone's time and spending all their money on this? It's gotta cost more to do it this way than to write the settlement check and be done with it. It's beyond my comprehension, and the attorney w/which I've been speaking is similarly puzzled. In any case, I left a message for him this morning, because it occurred to me that, if I'm testifying in court, I'm going to be sworn in. Being an atheist, I won't be swearing on bibles or invoking deities--which I'm sure isn't a problem, surely there are alternatives that leave out those parts--but I thought perhaps the lawyer would appreciate not finding this out as I was being sworn in.


Blogger jomama said...

Good for you, about the swearing in.

Stand tall.

A fellow atheist...


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