Monday, December 13, 2004

Not one, but two! more bite the dust.

Fellow "employees," that is. (That's in quotes because real employees get paid.) We're now down to seven (or eight; one person hasn't shown up in weeks, but I don't know why not). We've been promised some paychecks, but I fear it's too late: these last two departures cut into the heart of the operation--the core competencies, as they say--and a third (rumored) departure will just about finish us off. It's depressing beyond words.

Even more depressing, though, is trying to find a new job. I rummage around on a non-profit job board; I search on Monster; I follow up on leads when I find them; I fantasize about winning the lottery. Each of these strategies seems about equally likely to be successful over the long term (or the short term, for that matter). I could probably find employment in my current field, but I loathe the work that I could find to do--it's basically incredibly detailed paper-shuffling, in the service of large corporations that disguise their moneymaking intentions with faux Caring and Helpfulness. What makes it even less desireable, even for the short term, is that these jobs (a) typically require a lot of travel (which I hate) and (b) suck up a lot of time, making it difficult to search for a job that I'd actually want to do. All in all, I'd rather work at a coffee shop or something--you don't take that work home with you, after all, except in the aromatic sense.

So I'm hoping that we do, in fact, get a few paychecks, which will enable me to hang on a bit longer. I don't believe the company will really survive, though I suppose that's possible, but the longer I get some kind of income, the longer I can go without becoming a barista or auditioning to become a baker (I recently met someone who owns a restaurant) or whatever.


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