Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Not with a bang, but a whimper.

True of the world; true of the company at which I'm "working."

Basically, if we don't get an infusion of at least $150k by Friday/Monday, the company is out of business for all intents and purposes. We had a meeting yesterday, and the CEO tries to be optimistic--she remains confident that we'll get said cash, for example--but the rest of us, well, not so much. Here's another entertaining bit: If the cash comes in, plus another bridge of a few hundred k, this would enable us to (a) pay creditors some money, (b) make a pitch to a potential $2-$3 mil funding source, and (c) have about five months of pay. The CEO was thinking that she'd pay us going forward, with the back pay (of 4-5 months) coming to us at a later date. We poked a hole in that thinking right away. The reason, for those of you who don't work for such precarious institutions, is that the people who would come up with the bridge money would want to know how long it would last, and "through January" is a less comforting answer than "through April." We made it clear that we don't care--we want our money. Some people--in fact, everyone except one coworker, I suspect--are in pretty dire straits, using credit cards to pay rent and bills and so on. I've been planning (and saving) for this for two years, so, while I'm not in great shape (I was counting on the last four months of pay, for example, as part of my cushion), it could be a lot worse. But it sure could be a lot better, too.

As I've lamented below, there's also the question of what I'm going to do for a new job. My fantasy is to bake a bunch of desserts and take them to this restaurant whose owner I met at a party a couple of months ago, as an "audition." Even if that worked, restaurant work is brutally hard and usually low-paying, which is a mark against it. The plus side, though, is that it's work that has some meaning. Yeah, I know, it's not a cure for cancer or anything like that, but feeding people is elemental, primal. There's something about it that I like, that appeals to my need to do something Good as well as Well. And sometimes you have to say "what the fuck."


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