Monday, December 06, 2004

Speaking of food,

we used up almost the last of the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers this weekend, or, at least, put them in a form to be eaten. That makes it sound as though we were assiduously chowing down on the various bits and pieces, thriftily using each and every bit, and, really, that would not be accurate. I did get SO to hack the meat from the turkey carcass, though, and toss it into the freezer (he also, at my request, tossed the bones in, but we decided yesterday that there was so little meat left on the bones as to make it not very useful, even for broth), and from that we made a spicy turkey paella (I love We replaced the bell pepper with sun-dried tomatoes (bell peppers and I have a mutal non-agression pact, one that requires that I do not eat them in order to avoid their attacks on me), and we used part of a can of crushed plum tomatos rather than four sliced-up plum tomatoes (this being a terrible time of the year for fresh tomatoes and all, and us having many cans of tomatoes stashed around the kitchen, bought the last time Whole Paycheck had a sale). Where was I? Oh--and we used both brown and white rice, instead of just the white. It was extremely quite good, and we were pleased with ourselves--even more so when we tucked into leftovers last night. I threw mine on top of some spinach, which also worked.

Plus, I finally got around to using the leftover butternut squash and rutabaga, up which I had chopped on Thanksgiving day, but for not all of which I had a use that day, as the amount of said chopped vegetables far surpassed what I suspected would be enthusiasm for eating it. The rutabaga (a) had cooked MUCH more slowly than the squash, and (b) had been much more bitter than rutabaga usually is, so yesterday I dutifully picked out the rutabaga so I could cook that first. I carmelized some onions in butter (of course), then threw in the rutabaga, some apple juice, and a little maple syrup and boiled it for awhile, then threw in the squash and some carrots that weren't hairy yet, and boiled some more. Oh, and a leftover sweet potoato, too, while I was at it. When everything was reasonably soft, I pulverized it all (I also love my food processor). It's interesting--it tastes quite yummy, if you're of the squash-liking kind, but the rutabaga smell is definitely present--the smell and the taste of the soup don't coincide, quite, which is rather unusual. It doesn't bother me, and, really, I can guarantee that I'm the only person in the house who would eat this soup anyway, so I figure it's all good. It's in the freezer, in individual freezer baggies.

So the only things left are some potatoes, some of which SO used yesterday in a potato-leftover-andouille-(chicken)-sausage-bleu-cheese mix for his breakfast; some cranberry sauce/chutney thing that came out much better than expected; and heavy cream, tiny dollops of which I've been sneaking into my weekend coffee to beef up the 1% milk I use--wouldn't want that cream to go to waste, now, would we? There's still some turkey in the freezer, too, but it'll keep for awhile. Hey, everyone to my house for turkey pot pie!


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