Friday, January 21, 2005

A Post About the Weather

Yeah, really, I mean it. Because we've been hearing for nearly 24 hours that we're getting 47 FEET OF SNOW BY SATURDAY!! Well, okay, no, we got a little dusting last night, and we might get 7-11 inches (of snow) tonight, and another few inches tomorrow as well. But this weather system has taken its own sweet time getting to town, such that the sky was clear blue there for awhile and it's still pretty sunny. I checked the weather maps, and I think we will, in fact, get a bunch of snow, but the cognitive dissonance is entertaining. Also remember, this is the city that once voted a mayor out of office because he didn't get the streets cleared after a massive (truly quite massive) snowfall quickly enough to suit the residents. As a result, all subsequent mayors make sure that every inch of (prospective or actual) snow falls on at least two inches of salt.

Oh--and people don't actually shovel their sidewalks, under the mistaken impression that, if they shovel them and someone falls, the sidewalk owner could get sued, but if they DON'T shovel the sidewalks and someone falls, hey, tough luck. Really; I'm not making this up. They do shovel out their parking places, however, and then place lawn furniture in the street to make sure no one else takes that space. There are times I'm glad I don't have a car, and this is one of them.


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