Thursday, January 06, 2005

Today's excuse

for being a slug.

Having already gotten dressed and come in to "work" this morning (so far it's just me, one coworker, and nearly two pounds of chocolate, sent by one of my suppliers), and having not much (read: nothing) to do here at "work," I thought about going to a yoga class. But I just couldn't. The thought of putting on the coat and scarf and gloves, and then shlepping on foot the mile to the studio through the snow and slush, taking off the coat/scarf/gloves, taking off the LL Bean duck boots and two pair of socks, putting on yoga-appropriate clothing, practicing for almost two hours, then taking off the yoga-appropriate clothing, putting all the other clothing and boots back on, shlepping a mile back to "work," sitting around here for awhile, then heading out to the gym (which will require a 50-minute shlep on public transportation) where I will remove clothing, put clothing on, run around for a couple of hours, then reverse the clothing thing again, shlep home on public transportation (another 45-50 minutes), and take the clothes off AGAIN . . . well, I just could not bring myself to add a whole other round of clothing exchange on a day when I'm wearing extra bits of it to stay warm and dry. It's true that I'd do it all for a massage, say, or some great sex, and I know the class would be good, but . . . I just can't. So sue me.


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