Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Back to the Frivolous

Well, back to the wedding planning, anyway. We have:
1. Confirmed the date and place, and more or less picked a time.
2. Probably found a photographer (someone C knows at work who normally doesn't do weddings, but needs the work, and apparently does great work photographing the science-related stuff that C's company sells).
3. Figured out a basic dress design, though I probably want to do something more interesting with the skirt, maybe a handkerchief hem or something.
4. Found the person to make it for me (she's the mother of an ex-coworker) and discussed fabrics with her--I think silk, perhaps.
5. Decided I'm probably wearing (new) cowboy boots with it (which C thinks will be "a total hoot"--he also said he'd always thought of me getting married wearing cowboy boots), which will probably drive my mother to distraction.
6. Called most of the people who are coming from out of town.
7. Probably have found music (the son of a friend is a jazz musician), though C is in charge of this one.
8. Have found out that BOTH calligraphy classes are full, so I'll be getting a book and teaching myself, most likely--we're designing and making our own invites, and I'm doing the addressing.
9. Found text for a wedding document.
10. Got a pretty good draft list of invitees.

Things we haven't done:
1. Actually designed the invites.
2. Figured out the flower thing, though the most likely solution is heading to the farmers' market the day before the wedding and buying a bunch of flowers, then delivering them to the restaurant.
3. Found a hotel for out-of-town guests.
4. Figured out what to do with OOTGs the night before the wedding.
5. Picked a menu (that can wait until we see how many people, so we can decide whether to go with plated or a buffet).
6. Tasted cake (though I think I know where I want to go).
7. Figured out who's designing the rings.
8. Written the vows (though we've talked in general terms about this).

Things that have been surprisingly touching to me:
1. C's mother wants to give me her engagement ring. Especially given that he's been married twice before, I'm particularly touched by this. I hadn't intended on wearing anything other than a wedding ring, so I think we're going to ask her if we can incorporate the stone into my wedding band rather than have me wear it as an engagement ring per se. We'll see how she feels.
2. My friends have been overwhelmingly happy about this--I think a large percentage are going to show up, which will make the day all that much more fun. The most fun conversation so far was with an old friend from college--I met her the first day I got there, way back in February 1977. I met her brother within weeks after that; he was going to college a couple of hundred miles away, and he visited reasonably often, as did her parents. He and I had an off-and-on correspondence, mostly joking--at one point I had an "engagement" ring from him, which he had purchased in a men's room along the turnpike. He's a very nice guy, and extremely witty. I saw him most recently when I hooked up with L and her family on the way home from a vacation of mine, but I also saw him in Texas once, when I was down there on business. Anyway, he's living with her (and her husband and sons) until he finds a new job; he's moving from Texas to Massachusetts. He was there when I called her the other day, so I talked to him, too, and I think he'll come along for the wedding. He promised to drive, so he could stop and get me another ring at another turnpike restroom along the way. I love my friends.


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