Monday, April 25, 2005

Nothin' Special

That's what I have to post today, unfortunately. Or, rather, I have a bunch of things, including one post on class and sex (the gender kind, not the humpy-humpy kind), in the works or in my head, but, miracle of miracles (maybe it's the effect of the new Pope? or the old one, pushing for beatification & sainthood? even though I'm an atheist and not even baptized? probably not), I have actual work to do at my job. None of it is interesting, mind you, and I'd really rather not do it, but I really must.

I will tell you that we assembled wedding invitations this weekend. We had the Unofficial Bridespeople over Saturday night, fed them (pasta e fagioli, which is the easiest thing EVER to make, and freeform strawberry tarts with some chocolate thrown on top, and J brought a salsa she makes with olives and avocados, and there was red wine, some of which B brought), and then formed a Wedding Invitation Assembly Line. We could not include the response cards yet, because the menu has not been finalized, but at least the invites are put together. I should reassure you people that I call them "unofficial" bridespeople because we're not having any attendants. It's true that I'd like to put B in a poufy bridesmaid's dress, but that's only because he's a straight forty-something man and it's fun to threaten him with it. We are going to have assorted family members stand around with us, somehow, and C's sister is doing the officiating part (though we're not letting her say very much), but no people in suits and pastel-dinner-mint dresses lined up. No aisle, either.

We're probably going to have C's son hold our rings or something--and I'd love to have my nephews help with that, but my brother, for reasons that are completely unclear (and, so far, unexpressed) to me is refusing to bring my nephews with him. They're 5 and 8, so they would be able to participate and enjoy, and would remember this event and so on. I've been planning to hire a babysitter-type-person to hang with the kids in one of the private rooms that the restaurant has, because there are going to be quite a few kids between the ages of 5 and 10, and I thought it would be good to have a place for them to go when they get bored, and someone to entertain them a bit, so their parents don't have to do all of it. My brother and sister-in-law know all this. Nevertheless, about two months ago my mother informed me that my brother wasn't bringing the kids. My SIL called the next day (at my brother's behest, it turns out), and the reasons she gave were (a) it would be too hard on my parents (which isn't true; my parents volunteered to bring them out early), (b) it would be too hard on me, given the excitement and preparations (which isn't true; we're going to have my stepson all that week, so him having someone his age to play with would be a good thing), (c) they don't want kids running around at the wedding (which is why I'm having a babysitter there, which my brother knows), and (d) my brother and SIL would have less fun (which may be true, but seems like a damned selfish reason to not bring the kids). My mother, who understandably doesn't want to be in the middle of her two remaining children on this one (even though she thinks the kids should be here), won't tell my brother anything more, and my brother has been too chicken to call me and talk to me himself.

I'm sending my nephews their own invitation, and my brother will have the opportunity to come to his senses, but, if he persists with this craziness . . . well, obviously, there's little I can do. What I can do, however, is make sure that many, many people at the wedding go over and ask him, "Where are Emma's nephews? She's talked so much about them! I was looking forward to seeing them!" I'm sure that will make him very comfortable with the whole situation.


Blogger bitchphd said...

LOL re. setting people up to hassle your brother. While I can *totallly* understand wanting to leave kids at home on a trip, not bringing them to a big family even when you want them to be there and have made incredibly generous arrangements to facilitate it does, in fact, totally suck. Phooey on your brother.

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