Friday, May 06, 2005

Friday Song of the Week

Okay, first, I have completely pedestrian tastes. Second, I've seen relatively few live performances. Third, while I loved "High Fidelity" (book and movie), and I certainly have met a number of men (nearly all men) who are that obsessive about music in some way(s), for me, well, I LIKE music, I'm just not an expert on much of it. (Cue the scene in "Diner" where Ellen Barkin's character is berated by Daniel Stern's character.) Now that the ritual disclaimers are out of the way, there's an interesting meme circulating (I saw it at tbogg, and clicked through the various links, which only made me feel even more inadequate). Despite my inadequacies, I realize that there are still songs that strike a chord of some kind. As a kind of accompaniment to the Friday Random Playlist that all the kids are posting these days, I'm going to start a Friday Song of the Week. Be prepared for a lot of Springsteen, but I'll try not to bore you too much with that.

First up is the Green Day song--Time of Your Life--that steveaudio referenced. There was an old (old, old) episode of ER where Jeanie (or whateverthehell her name was) sang the song, a capella, at the funeral for a kid who'd died of cancer whom she'd known well. It was a beautiful rendition, and I always liked that moment because it was her way of paying tribute to the kid. And then my friend S died, three years ago, and now that song makes me think of him. My friend was young--in his 30s when he died--and he lived for less than a year after his diagnosis. We had an odd relationship, in that we were separate from the other people in each other's lives in many many ways, but this separation enabled him to tell me stories about his world that he could not tell within his world, and it enabled me to entertain him with stories from a whole other part of the universe. He was breathtakingly smart, and funny in a quiet, droll way, and he was one of the most ethical people I've ever met. He thought deeply and seriously about things, and he wrote about them in compelling, smart ways. One summer night we had repaired to the roof of my building for a glass of wine and an after-dark view of the city, and I asked him what he would do for a living if he (a) could do anything (b) except what he was doing then. His answer--cartoonist--surprised me, and gave me more insight into him than just about any other single thing he'd ever said. I still miss him.


Blogger SteveAudio said...

I was thinking about that same episode of ER when I wrote that. I love the song outside of that context, but in the show it really moved me.

I lost a sister about 3 years ago (see my blog, re: Sister Kristin,) and I sing it for her often.

Thanks, that was very nice.


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