Wednesday, June 29, 2005

First Pass

Because I know I'll have to come back to this. (What is this "work" thing? How do people stand it? It is so . . . so . . . Not Fun!)

I had an amazing turnout of friends--three friends from college, two of whom I met my very first day there; four friends from grad school (two couples) plus their kids; and three friends from California, including one whom I got to know largely through very long email exchanges. One intended to come but a family emergency forced last-minute cancellation, and another could not come because, I suspect of her own medical situation. There were multiple friends from here, including nearly all the handball players and their spouses; nearly all my coworkers, including three ex-coworkers; a coworker from a previous job; and, of course, the Unofficial Bridespeople, one of whom falls into another category as well. Then there were the friends of my parents' and an assortment of relatives (four aunts/uncles, my mother's cousin, her daughter, and her daughter's partner), many of whom were not exactly on the young side, either. And, really, it was a smack upside the head to me, because it was clear that these people love me.

There was also my father's toast (I'd asked him to give a toast as we sat down to dinner), wherein he noted that he'd always thought that if I got married he'd find out the next day, but wherein he also noted that if someone became my friend, they were a friend for life. That does tend to be true--but I had no clue that my father had noted that about me. Kinda cool.

So, anyway, I don't have any other deepish thoughts today, but I thought I'd throw this out there.

Plus, tomorrow is Question Day! Because I'm lazy!


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