Friday, June 10, 2005

The List

Yes, the list of WRCs is getting longer, rather than shorter. (WRC = wedding-related chores; WRE = wedding-related events) But! by next week at this time I should have crossed off nearly all of them. It looks like the final restaurant issues--dinner counts, hors d'oeurves (sp?) selection, can the musicians fit through the front door, can all of the guests fit into the back room for the ceremony--will be addressed by Wednesday. Thursday is going to be a Festival of WRCs--get the dress fitted, buy shit for the Saturday party (beer, wine, non-perishable bits of the menu), order the chocolate, order the pastries, pick up my ring, pick up C's earring (if it's ready)--but there won't be many after that, I think. Except to make the name cards and table assignments.

Here's another interesting interchange: I've been dealing with a (very nice) booking agent-type person for the music. They're union musicians, so the fees aren't . . . low, but I didn't gasp when I found out the price, either. So I asked the agent person whether I should tip these guys--I really had no idea. She kinda said well some do, some don't, it's not either common or unheard of, so I pressed a little more (because I didn't want to do the wrong thing). She basically said, look these guys are getting a decent wage for the evening, and they'll be happy if they get a thank you and a beverage at the end of the event; they consider that good treatment. Which makes me wonder what passes for manners.


Blogger landismom said...

Are you feeding them? We had to feed the musicians at our wedding (also used AFM members). They didn't eat much, that I noticed, but you might offer.

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