Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Some Whine with That?

Yes, the wedding is mere days away. Yes, I'm taking care of my stepson this week. Yes, many--even most!--details have been addressed, even if we haven't exactly written vows yet. Yes, there is a plan in place for the next few days, though the plan involves a lot of work (tomorrow: baking and cooking for the Saturday night party; laundry; and lots of phone calls. Thursday: shlepping stuff all over the place. Friday: more shlepping). But the biggest problem is that I feel like shit. I've had a sore throat for a couple of days now, and it doesn't appear to be improving all that much. If it's not better by tomorrow morning, I'm heading to the doctor. I know that strep is unlikely, but it's possible, and if it's strep, I want to be feeling better before the weekend, thankyouverydamnedmuch. And lordy I'm tired. The Kid and I had planned to get home (he had to come with me to work today, and then we stopped by the restaurant to discuss plans there) at about 3:00, he was going to play his game for 20 minutes, and then we were going to rest. Good plan, right? Except there are two strange men in the apartment, running the new T1 line the building is installing. Just what I need: two guys banging and stapling and drilling in the kitchen. I'm trying not to be anything other than pleasant to them--I imagine they prefer working without us here, too--but I really do feel like shit right now.


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