Monday, July 25, 2005

Chef Fred says . . .

Turns out, Chef Fred agreed with me about the 70% thing. We got our first evaluation today, and he gave me a 7 out of 10 (he pointed out that he'd never give himself a 10, because that's perfect). He suggested I organize a little better, double-check ingredients and so on, about which he's absolutely correct, and he complimented me on my enthusiasm and energy (I walk fast, he noted), and said I'm doing fine. He pointed out that, being a career-changer, it'll take me a while to get up to speed. I really wasn't unhappy at all--which is not to say I'm pleased with my performance, just that I didn't hear anything completely surprising or upsetting and I don't feel like I'm flailing. The other thing that helped: I did, in fact, make a strudel this weekend, using blueberries and an apple. I did what he said--cook the berries with a little sugar, to get some of the liquid out of them--and it came out really, really well. If that one had failed, too, then I would have been a little more tense, I think. My partner and I also had a really useful conversation: as we talked, we realized that in her previous (and current) occupations, she works alone, while in this one she has to work and coordinate closely with one other person and coordinate somewhat less intensely with 14 additional others, and that's an adjustment. I'm used to working with and coordinating with others, so that's less of a deal for me; I'm just glad she's so easy to work with. She thinks we switch partners at the end of this week, which bums me out. Also, Chef Fred is out of town for three days this week (Chef Bob is filling in for him), which also bums me out. (Incidentally, I've changed the chefs' names rather dramatically, as well, in case you wondered.)

Today we made three kinds of dough--for beignet, croissants, and kugelhopf--as well as blueberry muffins. Tomorrow we're going to have huge wads of product (we're also making wheat bread), and C is out of town until Thursday, so my coworkers are going to be swimming in the stuff. I'll take some to my yoga teacher tomorrow night, maybe.

But I'm tired today. We went out to dinner last night, a little later than we usually do, and I got to bed by 9:30 or a little after, but I hadn't digested everything yet, so I woke up a couple of times. Plus, it's over 85 degrees in the apartment (and we're too cheap to turn on the air conditioners), which didn't help. Getting things ready the night before is a lifesaver, though, and really helps me get out the door in the morning, so I'm glad that's part of the plan.

Our budget has gone to hell in a handbasket, too, which is stressing me out. We've spent more on groceries, largely because of fruit purchases at the farmers' market. I had to write a big check for the rest of the wedding expenditures on the credit card. C is still waiting for a reimbursement from months ago from work. We had a couple of extra purchases (baseball mitts and balls, for example, and long-needed bookshelves, and C needed three new tires for the car) that will go on next month's credit card bill but nevertheless are sitting there scowling at me. It's not like I'm digging in the sofa cushions for change, it's just that my income has been cut in half but our expenses have not been. And then I had to take a taxi to work today, because it rained--right now the sun's out, of course--and I didn't want to be completely soaked but had no umbrella. Six dollars isn't that much, but it's not nothing, either. Anyway, time to do some work.


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