Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Sugar, Butter, Flour, and Some Other Stuff

So, yes, today was the first day of pastry school. It was all the administrative stuff--getting the ID, toolkit, locker, books, uniforms (yes, including hats), and orientation. We met one of the three senior chefs and all of our classmates (there are 16 of us in each of three groups; two morning groups and one afternoon group). The people were all very nice, the food served at the end was very good (as one might expect), and the fellow students in my group are an interesting mix: three men and twelve women; six people from another country (two Germany, though one is now living in Puerto Rico; and one each from South Korea, Austria, Peru, and India), though they seem to have been in this country for varying lengths of time; I'm probably not the oldest, but close; quite a few career-changers, and not all THAT much industry experience, though they keep telling us that that's not really important. Though our normal class hours are 6 AM to noon, until next Wednesday we don't start until 7 AM, because they combined the three groups. The Harbucks (cf. South Park) across the street opens at 5:30 AM, which might be handy; I'm habitually early, which often leaves me standing around waiting, book in hand and desiring a beverage, though not usually coffee. Tomorrow and Friday are the safety/sanitation bits, Monday and Tuesday are the theory/history bits, and Wednesday we don the uniforms and head to the kitchens. Yes, it IS exciting. I have no clue how much info will end up here, or how much time or desire I'll have for posts like the last two--if you people have preferences, hey, let me know! And I'm trying to decide whether to try to buy a camera (though C might have a digital one that will suffice) so I can take pictures of the stuff; if I do, I'll learn how to post things.


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Emma, congrats on your first day of school, sounds like fun. Although I can't imagine how you function that early in the morning without coffee, personally.

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