Saturday, August 06, 2005

22 Hours

It's not that I have anything to say--or, at least, it's not that I have anything to say that I could say coherently right this minute--it's more that I want to point out that I've been up for 22 hours (and counting), which I don't think is all that impressive, really, but I wanted to point it out. I also wanted to let you all know that I managed to find, and drink, all of the beers that had my name on them. Plus, there was one with YOUR name on it, but you weren't there, so I had that one, too. And some casement meats--they're always a nice complement to beer (with anyone's name on it)--I had some of them, too. Unfortunately, the place I found those beers was full of people who smoke. I used to smoke, so I try to have compassion and so on, but the ventilation was really bad, so I walked in the door of my apartment and took a shower, so much like an ashtray did I smell. It was also full of a mix of people when we got there, but exclusively full of 20-somethings by the time we left, including one whose voice was INCREDIBLY LOUD. Disconcertingly loud, even.

In any case, having found, and drunk, the beers with my name upon them, I'm going to bed.


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