Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Buttercream Flowers: They Sag But They Don't Break!

There are two issues about which I'm not going to write, because they annoy me too much and others are handling the critique just fine without me. First, I'm not going to write about how (a) Iraqi men are creating a misogynist theocracy and (b) American men are perfectly willing for this to happen--for the warmongers among us, it's not a problem if Iraqi women are LESS FUCKING FREE than they were under Saddam Hussein! Echidne's handling that one. The second thing about which I don't feel like bitching is the article in today's New York Times about how some men who witness the birth of their children are traumatized by seeing their wives' vaginas during the actual birth process. How can they ever have sex again?!? With that particular vagina, anyway; presumably they could still get it up for some nubile 25-year-old. Until she gives birth to his child and MAKES HIM WATCH, that is. So Jonquil, and Elise over at Bitch and Belle have more elegant critiques. And don't get me started on Pat Robertson suggesting we assassinate Hugo Chavez.

S and I went to see "Broken Flowers" last night, in part on the recommendation of one of our fellow handball players. S pronounced it "okay," and I wouldn't go any more strongly than that. I really don't like Jim Jarmusch's movies very much at all; this one was salvaged by Bill Murray. (I hadn't realized it was a Jarmusch movie, and then reviews from people I trust were so enthusiastic that I thought I might like it.) Yes, we KNOW it's a fucking road trip; we don't need to see YET ANOTHER shot from inside the car or inside the plane, or, at least, those shots could be shorter. So, unless you're a Jarmusch fan, don't go; "Groundhog Day" is a much better movie about existential angst.

At school? STILL working on the fucking wedding cakes. At least we've graduated from styrofoam to real cake. We decorated the real wedding cakes with buttercream (lightened with Italian meringue so it's less like eating a stick of butter): two layers of buttercream on each layer of the cake, into the blast freezer between layers of frosting, and into the regular freezer overnight. Today we decorated with buttercream (back into the freezer for tonight), and I was pleased with how mine was coming out. I'm hoping that the person at the table next to me will be able to take a picture for me and send it; if she does, I'll try to post it. I wasn't horrified with how the other cake came out, either, though we still have to put the flowers on that one. In both cases, I stuck with my simple stuff, and I was happier for it.


Blogger landismom said...

I'm almost tempted to reply to thing things that you're not posting about--suffice it to say that I, too, am outraged by those things.

Interesting review of the Jarmusch film. I've been leaning toward seeing it because I've liked some of his stuff (mostly his earlier films), but too lazy to get a babysitter, so you're affirming my laziness. Thanks!

7:45 PM  
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