Thursday, August 18, 2005

Out Loud

I had my first conversation with Chef Bob today about what happens after I finish the program. The difficult part was telling him what I eventually want to do. Well, really, I had no trouble speaking the words, it's just that it's interesting saying out loud, to someone who has some say in the matter, what it is you want to do; it makes it more real, and it also feels a lot riskier than just thinking it in my head. I'll speak to Chef Mary Lou on Monday about the other option that might be interesting. I would have thought there'd be more interest in the things I'm interested in doing, but perhaps not--a fair number of people are from out of town and will probably go home; several already have significant restaurant and/or hotel experience and want to continue doing that; several already have some other kind of work in mind (e.g., focusing on wedding cakes; food styling). Some of these opportunities pay, some do not; some would be full-time no pay, one might be part-time with some pay, which would enable me to keep working part-time at my current job, perhaps. It's hard to know which is the most viable, given our uncertain finances, but I'll see what happens between now and December.

If (a) I continue to get paid, and (b) we can hold down expenses, and (c) I get my back pay, then we'd be in okay shape; we'd be in better shape if we hadn't renewed our lease (starting this month) and had looked for a cheaper place, but, really, did I have time to move the first week in August? Did I have time to look for a place in June? Umm, no, that would be when I was planning a little wedding. Our current apartment isn't cheap, especially when you throw in the several hundred dollars/month for parking C's car. If I thought the rental agents would be able to find a replacement renter for us, we could move out in, say, January or February (and who doesn't love to move in the middle of winter?), provided we could find something we liked. Even better, though, would be if we could find a place to buy. Of course we have no down payment, unreliable income on my part, and, by the way, I'm changing careers to one that pays for shit, so that's much harder to manage. I suppose if we bought a building that would house both us and a business we'd be okay (and, hey, short commute!).

Enough depressing and/or scary shit.

We continued with the wedding cake crap today--we rolled fondant and put it on styrofoam cake forms, and we'll attach our flowers tomorrow, along with piping and borders and whatever other crap we can imagine. The first time I tried to roll out the fondant I made complete hash out of it, so Chef Fred came over and basically re-demonstrated how to do it. The second time, though, worked perfectly--it was pretty amazing what a difference it made. I have no clue what I did wrong the first time, but I did get a feel for what doing it right was like. I also asked him to coach me through folding the sponge today: I've not been doing well with the folding, and, hey, that's why he's there. That, too, worked out pretty well. My flowers came out reasonably well yesterday. My roses are light orange, with copper accents along the edges; my carnations are similar; two of my lilies are goldish and one is pinkish, if I remember correctly; and my orchid is edged with blue (with a tiny hint of purple). My daisies are white. My partner's flowers are a trip--turquoise roses, edged with silver; turquoise carnations, edged with yellow (thus making them kind of green); and an orchid that's a wild combo of blue and pink. He hasn't done his lilies yet, but I think he's going to go kind of over the top with them, on the principle that his flowers are already unnaturally colored. I think they look great, too.

I'm tired today, though. I helped S move yesterday--he, his friend B, and I moved the bookshelves, bed, other furniture bits, some books and clothes, and the couch (a Danish thing that weighed nearly nothing). It took us less than four hours to shlep to the south side, pick up the truck, load the truck, drive north, unload the truck, take the truck back to the south side, then stop by my place so S could borrow a TV for the night (the cable guy needed a TV today for some reason). Which meant we had plenty of time to sit on the roof of this faux biker bar (used to be a real biker bar but it got popular; still plenty of tattoos, though) while the sun set, eating some dinner and drinking a few beers. I could have stayed several more hours, such a good time was I having, except for that 4 am wakeup call. I drank water like a fish to prevent alcohol-induced dehydration (it worked), and I was asleep by 10:45 or so, but I'm still tired. S's old place was on the third floor, and the new place was on a first floor reached by a steep flight of stairs, so I got some exercise. It was completely worth it; he's got a great new place. The cable guy is installing his internet/cable connection as I type, and we'll still make it to handball today. Life is good, even if nothing I'm making this week is tasty (technically it's edible, but you wouldn't want to eat it).


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