Thursday, August 25, 2005

Same Damned Cakes

Here are pictures of the styrofoam cake (top) and the real (i.e., edible) cake (clicking on the photos will make them larger). Not bad for a first effort, I think. There was a cake today, too, complete with new-baby-type decorations and a pulled-sugar Slinky, but I didn't ask my neighbor to photograph that one; don't want to wear out my welcome. C has found an old crappy digital camera, and I'll get him to teach me how to use it this weekend, so maybe I can post more photos here for you. I don't know that I have any thoughts today, profound or otherwise, but they'll go in a separate post if I discover that I do.


Blogger Melinda Casino said...

Lovely! I like the cascading garland of blue and chocolate flowers.

2:22 PM  

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