Saturday, August 20, 2005

Ya Gotta Have Friends

The Divine Miss M was right about that. I was spewing my doubts last night, to B this time, and he was extremely encouraging and positive (and we laughed, because that latter is not exactly one of his common traits), both about my efforts in general and about my plans for the fall (i.e., making an attempt to do some baking for profit as well as fun). He suggested that a camera would be a useful tool--when I'm talking about our current place of employment, he said, I have a furrowed brow and a generally unhappy face, and when I'm talking about baking, the furrows disappear and I look happy. (C has said the same thing, for that matter.) I guess I know these things, but it's reassuring to hear someone whose opinion I trust say them, too. Back when I worked with the junkies and alcoholics, someone explained the horse concept to me: If one person tells you you're a horse's ass, well, maybe that person has his or her own issues and problems and you might not have to worry about it. If two people tell you you're a horse's ass, you might want start thinking about it. If three people tell you you're a horse's ass, go buy a saddle. It works in the positive direction though, too, as my friends (and husband) have demonstrated. So I'll be doing some stuff in the fall, maybe October. I'll hire S as my kitchen slave, and maybe B, too, and we'll see what happens.


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