Thursday, September 15, 2005

Cuckoo Clock

My body clock has been hammered with my schedule, I've noticed. I haven't been having much trouble getting up at 4 am (or a little before, if possible, so the alarm doesn't actually go off and wake up C), or getting through school; Thursday can be a little tough, because it's the fourth day in a row of it, but in general it's not bad. What's really hammering me, though, is late afternoon. For a long time--at least 30 years--I've known that I lose IQ points in the afternoon and don't regain them until the evening. As a result, I've generally done something excercise-y in the late afternoon (over the years, these choices have included field hockey, basketball (at which I truly sucked), squash, racquetball, handball, a little lacrosse, yoga, and machines of various kinds, typically treadmills or elliptical trainers, as the other machines tend to kill my knees). I'm still doing that, more or less, though not with the dedication I'd hoped I'd have; the difficult part is that, because I'm getting up earlier, the slump starts earlier, so I sit at work falling asleep (and wondering whether I'm getting paid, which is a different problem; no word on today's paycheck, and no paycheck, either). The MDD (Motivational Deficiency Disorder) caused by the work situation doesn't help much, either. I'm afraid I'm going to tip over onto my keyboard.

In other news, Bruce (Springsteen, of course) is coming back to town. However, he's playing in a big cavernous arena (even though they're only selling tickets for a portion of it), and the tickets are at least $80 (counting Ticketbastard charges), and it's a Thursday night, meaning school would be hell that Friday, so, despite my devotion, I can't bring myself to go. I want to, yes, but I can't justify any of the (literal or metaphorical) costs, so not this time, I guess.


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