Monday, September 26, 2005

I know! Let's play musical offices!

Jesus Christ in a birch bark canoe.

I believe I mentioned that there were Still! More! Issues! at "work," specifically, that our lease was up at the end of September and no one had figured out what we're going to do come October 1. Those of you with access to a calendar will note that the 30th is this Friday. Today we got word that we might be moving on Friday. However, the space into which we will move won't be ready for about a month, so we'll be in temporary space for awhile, surrounded by our boxes and crap. Most of us will probably work from home most of the time, I think is the plan, though there really isn't a "plan," in the sense of people knowing where to show up next Monday. Sounds organized, doesn't it? Yeah; not to me, either.

I was already suffering from motivational deficiency disorder today, not least because Chef Bob provided us with a speech this morning about how we have to pay our dues and not make any money and work for free and so on. Umm, sorry, that's not an option for me. I'm not 25 and unencumbered, and I don't want to work the insane hours involved in a restaurant, and I doubt I would want to deal with yet another mismanaged arena, so I'm going to have to come up with Plan B. Seriously: most restaurants fail--over 90% in the first two years--and it's primarily because they're underplanned and/or undercapitalized. So going to work for someone else who thinks that they can get $2 worth of something for only $.89, and that that thing really won't cost that much, and somehow that $25,000 will last through $50,000 worth of expenses, well, no, I have no desire to do that any more. I'd consider doing it for myself--though it would make me completely insane--but watching someone else fuck it up that way, and, by the way, not pay me because of it, no, not an option.

Crabby doesn't begin to describe how I am today.


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