Saturday, September 10, 2005

Magic Sizing

I'd been reading in a variety of places that sizing for women's clothing has gotten screwy--that what was once a size 10, say, is now an 8 or a 6, depending on the clothing manufacturer. The supposed reason for this is that women apparently want to buy clothes with small sizes on the label, no matter the actual, physical dimensions of the garment. I've started seeing that for myself, too.

For awhile, I'd been wearing a size 12, which was a larger size than before--thanks to the wonders of uterine fibroids, I looked like I was four or five months pregnant. I had the fibroids embolized about a year and a half ago, and, as they (and my uterus) shrunk, I lost a few pounds. At the end of last year I decided to lose a few more pounds, and managed to divest myself of about 20 or 25 total, from when I had the surgery to now. This, in combination with the "spot reducing" effect of no longer having a several-months-pregnant-sized uterus and abdomen, has meant that I should be wearing what I always wore--about a size 10. Except many things in size 10 are really quite big on me, and I even have one or two things in an 8 that are big on me, which is ridiculous. Why is this a problem? Because I like to shop online, and the sizing doesn't seem to bear any relationship to either reality or the measurements the manufacturers provide.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that I was out until 2:30 last night, hanging out with S and B and B's roommate, there's a party tonight at B's place and, gosh, guess I'll have to go out again (C is visiting his mom with the Kid). The crowd is going to include lots of models and hipsters, though, so I'm hoping I can be unobtrusive and not be too out of place. It should be fun for people-watching, though. I wish I could have managed a real nap today; I'm exhausted, but couldn't ever manage to sleep. I did finish "Player Piano," though, and have to write about it soon, while it's fresh in my mind. I gave S a copy, too, and he finished it this week. I had intended to make bread today, and a blueberry pie, but that intention has gone to hell in a handbasket.


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