Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Midweek Update: That Brief Transit Where Dreams Cross

Just a quick note to say: Somewhat better.

Chef John amended his remarks (personally, to me), for one thing, and I'm considering additional income ideas, for another. Work is still a clusterfuck, of course, as I sit here amid packing boxes and the like, and I could have used more than four hours of sleep last night, but! The latter was because I played handball for nearly three hours, so, all things considered, I'm much better. I'm supposed to go to yoga tonight, but B is trying to make me drink beer. And, who knows, I might listen to him. Also, I should have more pictures soon, of the chocolate sculpture I did yesterday (more info on that to come, too), and of the one my partner and I are doing together--we had great fun with it today, and she's spoiling me for just about any other partner.


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