Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Nougat: Evil, with Nuts and Dried Fruit and Honey

I think I've eaten a pound of nougat today. Really.

We made flavored marshmallows (we went with orange), raspberry gumdrops, and chocolate nougat (we used hazelnuts, almonds, and cherries, though we wanted to use some candied orange peel; Chef Bob said the orange peel we had wasn't very high quality). We cut up the caramel and chocolate caramel and regular nougat and packaged it; our regular caramel didn't come out right (not enough whisking, most likely), but the chocolate caramel was fine (though I didn't like it all that much). And, folks, I think I've discovered the first product of my "bakery." Yes, okay, it'll be a virtual bakery for a little while, but I have a place I can sell this stuff, and I'm going to cost it out this week/end, but I think I can make a little money on it.

C and I have figured out that I can only apply for the internship at my school if I can come up with about a grand a month somehow. Given that the internship is 50 hours/week, this is no small feat. There are really only three options: (1) get all of my back pay (yeah, right), and voila, problem solved, plus some cash left over; (2) manage to talk my current company into keeping me for about 10 hours/week, and then figuring out when I could actually work those hours; or (3) make and sell a product. I have a place to make the product (if I come up with liability insurance and a business license, I can rent kitchen space by the hour; can't legally make stuff at home), and, if the product is gluten-free, which the nougat is, I have a place I can sell it, i.e., my sister-in-law's store, about 90 miles away from here. Plus, nougat isn't very fragile (unlike, say, pies or tarts, though I might try some mini-pumpkin pies), so shipping is less of an issue; plus, one of the unofficial bridespeople will be driving near SIL's store nearly every weekend this fall, and he's already offered to do the transport for me.

Sometimes you have to say "what the fuck." I think this is one of those times.


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