Sunday, September 25, 2005


This is what we've been making the past week. In the jar, at the back left, are apple lollipops. On the blue plate, cassis pate de fruit, nougat, and apricot-passion fruit pate defruit; chocolate on the orange plate; on the green plate, lemon verbena-ginger hard candies, chocolate nougat, and sucre d' orge (basically, sugar pulled and shaped around sticks); and, in the little bag, ginger-orange hard candies. There were also orange marshmallows, but they didn't make it into this picture. The chocolates include peanut butter, hazelnut, hazelnut paste, and who knows what else, at this point. The next two weeks will be boring for you guys, though; we'll be doing sugar and chocolate showpieces, which are only technically edible. After that, a week of advanced breads and then another exam.

Meanwhile, Friday night S made dinner for me and then we had some cold fermented beverages at a local establishment. I took a shower before I got into bed with C, so much like an ashtray did I smell. Yesterday--uneventful; handball was slowed down a bit, thanks to the aforementioned fermented beverages. Today, yoga, followed by coffee with one of my yoga teachers and with a friend/student of hers who--used to own a bakery! So that was fun. I have nothing insightful to add; I'm tired right now. However, go see "A History of Violence." Once you guys have seen it, I'll write about it, but I don't want to prejudice anything. Go see it soon, and don't read anything about it.


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