Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Please, Sir, May I Have a Nap?

My god I'm tired. C and I went to dinner last night, and it was one of those strangely disjointed experiences: The food was spectacular, and the waiter was entertaining, but the service, as in how long we had to wait for things, was horrible. We arrived for a 7:45 reservation, we were seated at 8:00, and we got our entrees at 9:30. For long stretches of time we sat with nothing on the table except our water. (The place provides lots of appetizers, and a pasta course, in addition to the "entree" per se, and we could have had more of that food, but that would have made us even more full. We wanted the food we'd ordered, not more of something else. I suspect we'll get a decent response to my email of complaint, because the restaurant is part of a group, the group has a "frequent diners" program, and we are, indeed, frequent diners at places in the group. Very frequent, as a matter of fact.

In chocolate news, we've recently made pear caramel and raspberry ganache fillings for molded chocolates (we molded and filled them yesterday), as well as peanut butter filling and rum truffle filling for other chocolates. Today we finished the pear caramel and raspberry ones, we rolled the Swiss rocher filling (hazelnuts and chocolate, basically) in crushed pralinized almonds (tomorrow we'll cover the whole thing in more chocolate), and we rolled the rum truffle fillings in chocolate and then cocoa powder. We have butter masses (ew; it's exactly what it sounds like: butter and chocolate), which will be rolled in cocoa powder, and today we cast two more ganaches--one infused with earl grey tea and the other with more rum--plus we piped gianduja (hazelnut paste mixed with a little butter) and will eventually cover them in, you guessed it, chocolate. Tomorrow we're making two more fillings, plus we're going to do some machine enrobing, I think. I think we get to take some stuff home with us on Friday, or that's the rumor. Next week? Really hot sugar, I think.


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