Friday, October 21, 2005

All Done

More Scoutacular events! C and the Kid are camping tonight and tomorrow night (insert sad frowny face), which will be fun for the Kid, but C and I agreed we wish we were going to be together tonight. The Scout leader has seen more of C than i have.

How'd the exams go? In general, pretty well. My caramels rocked, my hand-dipped chocolates were good, my raspberry bonbons were pretty good (the shells were a little uneven), the pate de fruit was good, and the pastilles were fine (I made orange rather than mint). Here are four of those five things (I dumped the pastilles, because they're basically flavored boiled sugar.) Here are the candies:

Here's the chocolate showpiece, which I don't hate as much as I did a few hours ago:

The chocolate showpiece was a fucking nightmare. Basically, every time I looked at the pieces, something broke or fell off. At first I was extremely frustrated, which certainly didn't help matters any, but then I just laughed. What else can you do? It's messy, for sure: those blotches are a major issue. The flower in front is bad, too, but the one behind it is even worse; that's the one that kept breaking on me. I like the colors, and I like the movement, and the sphere was actually cast pretty well, but it just was not very successful. BUT! I turned it in.

Here's the sugar showpiece, which isn't half bad.

The pastillage in back is lame (all my pieces broke), and we were only supposed to have one rose; I did a second one because my larger one (the one in front/on the bottom) broke a little and didn't fit on the middle part of the piece, which left a big open space in the middle. The curlicue is a little uneven, too, but the chef complimented my pear, and I rather like it myself. Not bad for someone who's only been doing this for a little while.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with how things turned out. I would have liked to have done a better job with the chocolate showpiece, but I just didn't have time. All of the other stuff, though, I liked a lot. I can find the little flaws here and there, but I really felt like I just cranked through stuff and got it done. I have to give kudos to my partner, too (with whom I drank several beers yesterday afternoon and evening), because she's extremely organized. I really, really like working with her, and I really like her as a person, too--and I'd hire her in a minute. It made it much less stressful, having someone next to me with whom I could plan and execute. I think I get to keep her a little longer, which will be nice. Monday we start with cakes, tarts, and plated desserts, plus I have to give a little presentation.

But first, the weekend.


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