Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Color of the Day

As you can see, today's color is purple. I must have mis-hit a shot tonight in such a way as to bruise the shit out of my finger. It'd be hard to say when--I mis-hit so many tonight--but I don't usually have bruises to show for it. That particular finger has taken abuse on other occasions, too; I think I cracked it once, by sticking it straight into the wall in an attempt to hit the ball. My bruises don't last very long, though, so the finger might be normalish by tomorrow morning.

No, in answer to your question, I have not received my September 30 pay. And it seems pretty unlikely that I'm going to get my October 15 pay any time soon. It looks like the investment is going to happen, which is all marvy keen, but my favorite part of today's update is the waffling about whether there will or won't be a bridge loan to cover payroll, etc., until the investment papers are signed and the money comes through. Those loans are "expensive," we're told, and so on. You know what? I don't give a shit. Get me my fucking paychecks. Now. I'm not the one who mismanaged the company. It's true that there's plenty of blame to go around--it's not all the current president's fault by any means. Oddly enough, as I may have said below, this has all given me a certain confidence: if these bozos can "run" a company, then I sure as fuck can.


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