Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dazed, but Not So Confused

Just a quickie here. We have to make, by Friday:
12 hand-dipped "creamy Normandy" (the creamy Normandy part is a ganache)
12 apricot-passion fruit pate de fruit
12 caramels
12 mint pastilles (though we can use another flavor if we want, and I will, because I really loathe mint "flavor")
12 raspberry bonbons (molded chocolate with a raspberry filling)
1 chocolate showpiece, including plaquettes, a sphere, a base, smaller spheres, and two flowers, one with cut out pieces and one with shaved pieces (you'll see what that means when I take a picture of it)
1 sugar showpiece, including a base, a piece of cast sugar (egg or sphere), a piece of pastillage, a pastillage rock, a rose, a blown-sugar pear, some bubble sugar, and a leaf

I got some things done today: I made the caramel and pate de fruit, and I'll cut and finish and present them tomorrow, provided they came out. I made and cast the ganache. I cast the halves of the sphere and the base for the chocolate showpiece, and I cast the molded chocolate shells (I had to do it twice, which was better than yesterday). I made all of my labels, too, so I can just go ahead and scale things. I wanted to get more done, of course, but it is what it is.

I can see a few errors already, but they shouldn't be too bad. Some butter didn't get emulsified into my ganache, but I'll have enough to cut that piece out and still have more than enough left for 12 pieces. I didn't remember to put the tartaric acid solution into the pate de fruit until after I'd poured it into the mold, so I have to taste to make sure it's okay. Don't know about the caramels yet. I didn't get the pastilles done, which would have been nice--though I'm definitely using a paper cone if I can, and save myself time having to wash a sauce gun. Tomorrow I think we need to devote to chocolate, except for the base for the sugar piece, the cast piece, and the pastillage. I'll see what my partner has to say about that. I'd really, really, like to assemble the chocolate tomorrow, too, and devote Friday to sugar, but I don't know if I can do that.

Time to go to the museum with the Kid and C for the annual Donor Appreciation wingding.


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