Friday, October 07, 2005

The Hulk

Yes, as you can see, I'm apparently turning into the Incredible Hulk, one digit at a time. In reality, there must have been a leak in my glove when I was airbrushing blown sugar today. Of course, I forgot to take the camera (in reality, I couldn't find it quickly and left, in the hopes that it was already in my locker: It was not). One of my classmates will email me a picture of our showpiece, but meanwhile you'll have to settle for a green finger.

Sugar was fun today, too. I made ribbon (which you'll see), and a bird (which you'll also see) and all kinds of crap, all of which was glued onto the thing with, yes, even more sugar. And I had some serious mojo working today, with regard to the roses, as I hope you will also see--all of the problems I was having yesterday just disappeared. Amazing what a nap, 2.5 hours of handball, a little beer, and a decent night's sleep will do for a woman, isn't it?

This weekend's task is to find edible rice paper and make some nougat; meanwhile, I'm gonna do the laundry. And try to pretend that the fact that C's car is in the process of getting $1400 worth of work that we can't afford, but about which we have no choice, isn't part of my current reality. I know! More beer!


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