Monday, October 17, 2005

Moon Me

When C and I finally got home last night from our respective outings, I happened to look out our east-facing window, which catches a sliver of the lake. The nearly full moon had just risen over the lake, and, I assume because of the angle, had turned the whole lake into silver. It was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. And then this morning, as I walked west toward school, the moon was in front of me again, with wisps of clouds in front of it, but still amazingly bright.

Today was a free day, so I made a bunch of stuff. I made ginger ale mix yesterday, for homemade ginger ale, but I also brought some of the mix into school. I made a ginger chocolate ganache for dipping, but wasn't really enthusiastic about how it came out. I made caramels, but I think they didn't quite work, either, so I'll make them again tomorrow. I caramelized hazelnuts and put them into threesomes (so to speak), because I wanted to make sure I had something to dip if the ganache was too horrid for words. And I used more of the ginger mix to make ginger-peach pate de fruit, and THAT, my friends, worked extremely well, oh yes it did. I'll be making that one at home, I guarantee. Chef liked that one, too. My last partner made a lemon verbena ganache, some of which I want to steal for S, because he loves lemon verbena so, and she also made lime caramels, which were truly spectacular. Tomorrow I want to:
temper some dark chocolate
cast some of said chocolate into molds (into which I'll pipe the rest of the ginger ganache)
cut the ganache and hand-dip it
cut up the pate de fruit
cut up the caramels and, if necessary, remake them
make little circles of tempered chocolate on which the trios can rest, and then dip those suckers, too
practice with the sugar, if there's time
I'd really like to spend more time with the sugar, but I feel a little more confident about it and therefore want to spend more time on the more difficult thing. But if I can crank through those things above, then I'm definitely spending the rest of the day on sugar.

After that, we're theoretically meeting ("we" being my coworkers and I), but a location hasn't been chosen yet. If the choosing (and communicating) doesn't happen in the next 9.5 hours, then it's unlikely I'll be able to make it for the proposed 1:00 start time, as I'll have to come home, find out where the meeting is, and then get to it. On public transportation. No, I'm not spending my dwindling resources on a cab to a meeting like this one, and yes, I had better get a paycheck if there is a meeting and I'm there.

C's boss--who will not be losing his job, thank you very much, and who was brought in, along with a bunch of other people, by the current owners. The people were brought in from a big multinational whose CEO has been in the news and who has been touted as a genius, but who makes me want to smack someone. Anyway, Bossman had a meeting this morning and apparently gave a long speech about how people should be happy and cheerful and think not about the fact they're losing their jobs, but think about how wonderful it will have been to work next to each other, that that's the part they should focus on, and similar bullshit. It's a damned good thing I wasn't in the meeting, or I would have pointed out to the asshole that he, in fact, will still be employed come January 1 (or March 1, in C's case), and, in fact, is probably making a shitload of money to oversee the rest of the people losing their jobs, so he could just bite me. No one said that, but C said you could hear everyone fighting to keep biting their tongues. There was a lull, so C said, fine, let's get to it then, before Bossman could spew any more of his corporate management crap. Frederick Winslow Taylor, may you rot in hell.


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