Monday, October 10, 2005

Nothing Much

So today I checked out the kitchen-for-rent. (A person who graduated from my program two years ago started this operation where you can rent kitchen space by the hour--there's a ton of equipment, even if much of it is a little on the battered and it's not as nice as the kitchen we use by a long shot, and there's some storage space for rent, and there's a perfectly lovely cafe storefront where people can sell some of their stuff, but there's not enough foot traffic to rely on the storefront for your business, and it gets around the laws against making food for sale from your home.) I still have to do a few things--get my local sanitation license and get liability insurance, for two, and get supplies to do more recipe-testing, not to mention the actual baking and packaging and so on--and it'll probably have to wait until I get paid or C gets reimbursed for travel (that took place in fucking April), because remember that $1500 auto repair bill? But there are things I can do to prepare, if/when that money shows up.

Speaking of not getting paid, we got another in a series of updates today, and a longer one over the weekend. The weekend update gave us our new office address (not a place that most of us have seen, but who cares at this point), but not a move-in date. There was also a lot of cheery happy-talk about how we can All Work Together to Make Our Space Happy and Productive! And all I could think was if you want me to be productive, PAY ME. Let's start there, shall we? It's amazing to me how out of touch one person can possibly be.

Yes, I know, we all know people who are a little out of touch, who aren't quite as grounded in reality as perhaps we (or the rest of the world) would like them to be, but how many of them are the president of a company? How many of them are in charge of raising millions of dollars of investment money? How many of them seem unaware that when the lease is up, you have to move out? Financially, it makes sense for me to stay with the company as long as I possibly can (and as long as they pay me), not least so I can get my 4.5 months of back pay--but spiritually, or whatever you want to call it, it's a real challenge. It makes it hard to know what to do: I don't have money back on which I can fall, so saying "fuck it" and walking away isn't a simple decision by any means. And I have yet to put together a package of earnings that enables me to move forward and still, you know, eat meals.

Whatever. Enough whining. Several of us had minor ailments today, but Chef Bob has a hole in his back that goes to the bone--he had an abscess removed, apparently, about ten days ago. He was on major painkillers, but still obviously in pain, so any tendencies we might have had to whine about whatever were immediately nipped in the bud. (I'm like him, though--given lounging around the house in pain or trying to work in pain, I'll usually take the latter, out of boredom as much as anything.)


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