Saturday, November 26, 2005

Anybody Know a Plumber?

The guy at the unemployment office told me I'd be denied, and, indeed, I was. That's actually good news, in the sense that I got the notice in the mail, which means I'm in the system and can now go appeal the decision, armed with wads of paperwork. I'll probably try to go Monday, though I also want to call the guy who might have a job or internship for me.

So how was your Thanksgiving? I still haven't stopped eating, unfortunately, but we've been having a lot of fun, and no green bean casseroles in sight. The desserts were apparently a big hit--I was pleased with how the nougat mousse cakes and the spice bread came out, and with the taste, but not the consistency, of the nougat candy. I had to leave out the glucose with the nougat, because (a) I didn't have any glucose and (b) glucose often is made from wheat; the stuff I made tasted right but never got as hard as it should have gotten--it was downright drippy, or, really, oozy. I'll talk to the chefs this week and see what's up. If I can get it together, I can probably sell some, which would be helpful. We had three sets of cranberry sauce; two (or maybe three?) sets of stuffing--one regular, one gluten-free, and one gluten-free and sage-free; green beans--but just lightly steamed, not in a casserole; sweet potatoes; bread (the gluten-free folks passed around a roll and sniffed it--wheat porn, they called it); wine; and dessert. There was a spirited game of Trivial Pursuit after dinner, though I missed a significant portion of the game because I fell asleep in the Comfy Chair. Yesterday we hung out some more--went to the museum and the butterfly garden, ate leftover turkey, etc. Originally I was going to come home last night by myself, in part so I could go to a yoga class this morning and in part so I could have a little Alone Time, but I decided to stay; we spent the train fare on coffee and scones at the coffee roaster's down the street from my mother-in-law's place, while C discussed business with his brother-in-law. Today the Kid and I walked back to the coffee place, mostly to get him out of the house, and so I could stock us up on coffee. I don't need much--I only drink it on weekends, and I only drink decaf--but C drinks a lot of it. We left my in-law's place around 1:00 and managed to have a stupid argument in the car on the way home--one that featured both of us acting like immature jerks--but all is forgiven and forgotten now. It feels good to be home.

I forgot to tell you a story: About two weeks ago I did a volunteer stint for school; basically handed out pastry at an event. The event was poorly publicized and featured more chefs and students than attendees, and I doubt much money was raised. Our school shared a round table (it was doughnut-shaped and we were inside the doughnut hole) with another school and with this guy who sells incredible cheeses. I chatted with him for awhile--he was entertaining, and there was nothing else going on, and he had some great stuff (I'm definitely selling his stuff in the bakery). At one point, I was opining about something, I forget what, just my usual. So I said to the guy, "Oops; sorry; I'm trying to be subdued." He looked at me and said, "You're leaking."

Alas. I guess I can't keep it together for even a couple of hours. I hope I can find a job someplace where they can deal with that. And, as if I needed it, that served as yet another reminder that I would truly suck in the corporate world.


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