Friday, November 18, 2005

Grains Are Our Friends

Plums, too, it turns out. Here's the bus driver's plum tart:

Here's one of the "decorative" breads we made yesterday (there were others, but they're already in the freezer, as is this one now):

And here's today's haul:
From left to right, olive bread, multi-grain bread, and stollen. On the back right are cherry jam (left) and plum and red wine jam; on the left are scaling containers with bits that were too small to put in a jar.

In addition to being extremely good (the little dinner-roll-sized piece in the bottom photo is now in my stomach, along with some artisanal cheese), this will assist tremendously in the austerity efforts, so long as I can find a place in the freezers for it all. On that note, I'll go eat some cake to make room for the bread . . .


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