Monday, November 07, 2005

Monday, Monday

Today we finished the Raspberry Silk cake (bottom to top: almond dacquoise, raspberry gelee, almond dacquoise, white chocolate mousse . . . I think I'm forgetting something in there, but maybe not) and the Black Forest cake (bottom to top: chocolate sponge soaked with a mixture of cherry juice, kirsch, and, I think, simple syrup; a white mousse (another bavarian, maybe? I don't remember) with cherries layered into it; more sponge soaked with the cherry juice mix, more mousse, and chocolate mousse on top). We left about half of the kirsch out of our cake, so maybe it will taste like something other than, or at least in addition to, kirsch. This is the last week of cakes and tarts; we're making two or three more, I think, including a raspberry something and a strawberry rhubarb tart. We were supposed to do ice cream and sorbet next week, but we've already done that; theoretically, Chef Bob is coming back to do advanced breads with us for a week, but I suppose that could be moved to a later week and we could move right along to plated desserts.

Meanwhile, I had my first career counseling session today, with Chef Tom. I laid out my ambitions, right there in the office; Chef Fred happened to be there, as well, though he didn't comment about anything, except when I mentioned my "job," where I'm still not getting paid. I told him/them I want to open my own place within two years, which I'm sure is incredibly ambitious, but why not aim for it? No idea whether I can pull it off, but I don't see any reason not to work toward it. If it takes another year, so be it; hell, if I can't do it at all, so be it, but I want to give it a shot.

The first question is whether I'll get one of the internships at the school. I told Chef Tom that was my first choice for what I do next. I don't know how we'll manage the finances, especially given that paychecks are once again a nonexistent commodity, and especially given that C is about to be laid off, but, as I told Chef Bob on Friday, C and I have decided that, if I get this opportunity, we'll find a way to make it work. If I'd get off my lazy ass and start making products for my sister-in-law's store, well, that would be good. I keep meaning to do things and then . . . not. Today I went so far as to get the stuff out for the nougat i want to make, and discovered that the rice paper for which I sent away is out of date. I don't know if that makes a difference, and I don't know if it makes a difference that it's made from potato starch rather than rice, and I don't want to open the packages until I figure that out. Feh.

As we sat around after dinner Saturday night, B and I got to talking about "work," given that we "work" at the same place. I ranted for awhile, to everyone's amusement, and then B said, "Talk about baking again; you're much happier when you talk about baking." So I did. He and I were supposed to take a walk today, in the woods near his house, but it turns out he had another commitment tonight and couldn't do it. Maybe Wednesday. Meanwhile, I have to decide when to pull the plug and apply for unemployment.


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