Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tarts from a Tart

Oh, there are so many things I should be doing right now--editing something for someone; working on recipes; working on a needlepoint that is 10+ years overdue; cleaning the kitchen; working out--any of those would be fine substitutes for my current activity set, which mostly consists of fucking around doing nothing much. I might switch to reading, eventually, because if I finish "Fellowship of the Ring" I can switch volumes and not run the risk of running out of reading material tomorrow. Eventually, I will shlep to the north side and run a smoking cessation group and then have dinner with the friend whose group I'm running.

No, I have not received a paycheck for October 30. Yesterday morning we received an email promising us an update yesterday, but said update still has not arrived. When it does arrive, it will almost certainly include (a) a detailed itinerary of the various documents and emails and phone calls that have been exchanged and (b) optimistic promises regarding the likelihood of getting one check sometime in the next week or so. What it will almost certainly not include is a time and place we can pick up the two most recent checks we are owed or a schedule for payment of the nine checks we are owed from last year. Okay, that's all I can write about that without getting completely enraged. I think I'm a bit depressed lately, despite the incredible fun I'm having at school, and that's hardly a surprise--but I really don't want to let the depression take me away.

So what have we made this week? Yesterday we took home a cake similar to the nougat mousse thing, except it had coconut dacquoise, coconut mousse, passion fruit mousse, and some candied pineapple in it. Today we finished a chocolate mirror cake that was really quite lovely (from the bottom up: hazelnut dacquoise; chopped caramelized hazelnuts; hazelnut mousse; chocolate sponge; chocolate mousse; chocolate mirror glaze). We also made plum tarts (basic pie dough, almond cream, almond flour, fresh plums)--they were going to be apricot tarts, but the chef is doing the dessert for a benefit of some kind on Thursday, and he's doing plum tarts (the plums are being poached in wine and spices; I helped cut them up yesterday after school). They have many vats of plums, but the number of people attending the dinner has dropped by a hundred, so they vats of plums left over. The tart was quite tasty. We made a few other things, but I'll detail them when we bring them home. Yes, I know, I should be taking pictures for you, but I'm too lazy.

Meanwhile, I also submitted my application yesterday for the internship at the school. I'm completely conflicted about it, for about 37 reasons, but the biggest reason is financial: it's unpaid, and it's 50 hours/week, so I probably would have to quit the "job" I have altogether. I don't know if C and I can manage if I'm bringing in no income, so it's a huge risk. If I'd get my back pay, of course, it would probably be okay, but counting on that happening seems like a poor plan. I'd like to start a small home business, but I can't actually do the cooking at home, and I need a few hundred bucks to get started (and get liability insurance for the kitchen I'd be renting), so that's a difficult venture, too. (If I'd focus already and stop slacking it would be better, but . . .) We'll see what the chefs think--if they have a lot of applications from people better-suited than I am for the internship, then I might not have to worry about it. I could maybe do the afternoon class instead of the morning class, and go to work for 3 hours before going to the internship, but that would mean (a) a schedule even crazier than the one I have now, (b) no opportunity to develop recipes or a business, and (c) no handball or yoga for six months. That doesn't sound like a good life plan, but who knows.


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