Monday, November 21, 2005

What They Say

It turns out--no surprise here--that what they say is true: getting aid from a bureaucracy means waiting around. I got to the unemployment office around 1:00 today and didn't get out of there until after 3:30, if I remember correctly. The people with whom I spoke were reasonably helpful, so that was something, but I mostly sat around while they helped the people in front of me. And, of course, since my company hasn't reported my income or paid unemployment insurance, my original claim will be denied and I'll have to appeal it with pay stubs and tax returns and the like. Plus, there's a waiting week, i.e., you don't get benefits the first week (no, I don't know the logic behind that one). The good news is that, even if I get a job that starts in, say, January, I'm likely to eventually get the money for the five or so weeks between now and then, even if I don't get it until after I start the job. (Hey, trust me, I'll still take it.) The next question is whether my company wants to keep me on part-time. If they do, and if they'll actually pay me, then it might be worthwhile to try to work that out with any bakery employer. But, of course, getting a straight, truthful answer will be a difficult enterprise. (I got an update after I wrote the above, and, of course, there are still promises but no actual money yet.)


We've started doing plated desserts, so today we made creme brulee (though we haven't finished it yet) and souffle (which came out okay--it souffleed the way it was supposed to souffle--but tasted kind of eggy), and we roasted a pineapple and made a chiboust cream (a pastry cream with gelatin and with italian meringue folded into it). Tomorrow one of my classmates is bring her sheet pans for me to borrow, so I can experiment with making a gluten-free AND dairy-free dessert for Thanksgiving with that portion of the family. I'm basically adapting one of the recipes from school; the only real question is whether whipped hazelnut milk will have the same rise to it as whipped cream (I'm skeptical but will try it to see, and might try some gelatin as well). If not, I have a backup plan (i.e., use whipped cream, but make a different, dairy-free dessert for that part of the crowd). It would be cool if it worked, though. I'm going to use the stale bread to make bread pudding, though I'll do that at some other time; maybe over the weekend (obviously that wouldn't work for the gluten-free crowd).

I'm sorry I don't have any brilliant insights today. I want to write a book about how management ruined the world--i.e., how MBAs are responsible for many or most of the evils in the world--but not today. I want dinner, but don't want to cook it; unfortunately, that's the only way I'm going to get any. So: time to cook.


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Mmm, the waiting week does suck. I'm sorry that you're having such a hard time with work-related bullshit.

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