Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cakes, Tarts, Ice Cream and Whatever

Most of us are in the "whatEVER" stage of this whole thing, though we're all diligently working away. By Friday I have to produce and present:
  • 1 Hazelnut Chocolate Cake (a.k.a. World Cup Cake, or, as I like to call it, the cupcake), which includes chocolate biscuit, hazelnut dacquoise, caramelized hazelnuts, chocolate mousse, hazelnut mousse, pate a bombe for the two mousses, and a chocolate mirror glaze; today we all baked the biscuit, and I caramelized my hazelnuts;
  • 1 Lemon Curd Tart with meringue decoration of our choice (I made the sablee dough for that today but it's resting in the refrigerator);
  • 1 Ice Cream Bombe, which includes chocolate ice cream, raspberry coulis, parfait (cooked egg yolks & sugar, whipped, then combined with whipped cream), and a disk of sablee dough (I made the coulis and parfait and molded them as an insert, and I made the ice cream base and will spin the ice cream tomorrow);
  • 1 classic French souffle (I'm baking mine on Friday, so I haven't done any more than write my labels for the scaling);
  • 1 Passion Fruit Creme Brulee with a Sugar Cage and Mango Chip (I have to do this second thing tomorrow morning, as they all have to be baked by tomorrow);
  • 1 paper cone

I think I did okay on the written exam--probably didn't ace it, but no matter (did I mention I have a job? because I do). Tomorrow is going to be a crank-a-thon, but, if tomorrow goes tolerably well, then Friday should be relatively breeze-like. We'll see whether I get done what I need to get done tomorrow. Some bits depend on my partner's cooperation. My previous two partners spoiled me quite a bit, in that they were organized, focused, and worked clean (i.e., they didn't leave messes in piles to clean up later). This partner doesn't work as clean, so sometimes it's a little more difficult to navigate. Add that to the fact that we have to share the equipment even more than in previous exams--because several items require using first the stove then the mixer, for example, so you can't just divide up between those two pieces of equipment--and it's not as easy to navigate. But, hey, two more days.

Several people have jobs; three have already started, a fourth will start the day before I do, a fifth has one of the internships at the school, and, we found out today, a sixth person got a tryout at Charlie Trotter's, which, given the long waiting list for such things, is a huge deal. She's really quite good, so I hope they have the sense to keep her, though it's unclear whether they're willing to pay her. A seventh person is starting her own business, an eighth already has her own business, a ninth is doing an internship with a cake decorator, and I'm not sure what everyone else is doing. I just wish I could invite you all to our graduation banquet next week! Both J and B are going to be there (as will C and possibly S, if I can score an extra ticket for him), so maybe I'll try to get guest posts out of them.


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