Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Last Day

We cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned, and then we cleaned some more. Ovens, walls, bins, boxes, sheet pans, trays, you name it, we probably cleaned it--if we didn't, then the afternoon class did. And then the chefs brought us some pizza, which was nice, though it hasn't been sitting well in my stomach. I'd intended to play handball today--really, truly--but we know with what the road to hell is paved. I did manage to clean my desk and do the laundry, neither of which were small tasks, and I included the kitchen rug in my laundry, so I feel semi-virtuous. (If I'd managed the sheets as well I'd feel completely virtuous, but stripping the bed was beyond my capacities.) I'm just really, really, tired out--and looking forward to not getting up at 4 am tomorrow, for the first time in six months.

We'll do the grocery shopping tomorrow morning first thing, then maybe I can talk C into doing some cleaning with me before we head to the graduation ceremony. After that, I'll be heading out for more beverages with J and B, and possibly S, but not with C. Why is my husband not joining us, you ask? Because tomorrow is Pack Night for the Kid's Scout troop. I was somewhat less than thrilled to hear that last night, but C was damned if he did and damned if he didn't, number one, and, number two, I'm supposedly the grownup, i.e., the person who should be able to understand why he has to be somewhere else. Or, at least, I should be able to understand it better than the Kid. And I do, but I have to say that this scouting thing is getting on my last fucking nerve. It's at least two weekends a month with one thing or another, plus every other Wednesday, plus there's buying and selling of crap (I hate that fundraising shit--I really, really, really hate it, and I pretty much always politely refuse to buy anything when someone sells their kid's shit at work). I suppose that's all well and good if everyone lives in the same neighborhood and has two parents at home and so on, but that would not be the Kid's life, and I doubt he's alone. So, instead, C ends up shlepping all the damned time, not least because he's one of the Scout leaders. That last part is somewhat amusing, in that C is about as much of a deist as I am, and the BSA really rather frowns on atheism. (Apparently some of the parents have their panties in a wad because the other/primary scout leader Isn't Catholic; little do they know. In more ways than one.) I have my own objections to BSA as an organization--the deism thing, the homophobia, the girls-are-icky implications of the whole thing--and I've not been terribly impressed with the things the kids do for merit badges; "undemanding" would not be a harsh description. But I don't see the point of fighting about it; the Kid likes it, all of his friends are doing it, and he needs opportunities to play with other kids, and that all trumps my own reservations. But the demands on the kids' time--and, by extension, the parents' time, or, at least, the time of the parents who are actually involved in the organization, like C--is a bit much.

Anyway. I'm less than a day away from finishing pastry school, and I haven't regretted it in the least. Even more than when I started, l think it was exactly the kind of program I wanted and needed, i.e., one that would introduce me to the basics, in a short, intensive period, with the most highly skilled chefs as teachers. It's been an interesting year, that's for sure.


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