Thursday, December 29, 2005

Mmmmm . . . Chocolate Chips

Lazy days here, people, and few profound thoughts. I'm still trying to finish the needlepoint, but I think it's within reach. Not today, as the Kid and I have some things to do. We already had breakfast--bagel with dried rat spleen (a.k.a. brown sugar) and butter for him (the cream cheese was moldy); bowl of wood chips, gravel, and burlap bags for me--and made a batch of chocolate chip cookies as a surprise for Dad, who loves them. Kid has been playing Zoo Tycoon 2, which pleases him beyond belief. In a few minutes, we're going to get dressed and head to the bookstore, where he can use a gift card to get some books, and right after lunch we're heading to B's house so we can walk in the woods and look for deer. Tomorrow I have to meet with the people from the old work place and probably tell them about the bakery job; the Kid will go along with me and amuse himself with books or a gameboy.

C's at work, so it's just me and the Kid today, and most of tomorrow, but we do pretty well together. When the Kid can play off one adult against another he's more of a pain, and I'm probably a little more strict in some ways, so it's easier when there's just one of us around. I say that I'm more strict, but the ways in which I'm strict don't seem to bother him much when we're alone. I make him help clean up, for example, and help cook, and whatever, but he seems to like that. I also make it a point to tell him what our plan is, so he knows what's happening--that makes a huge difference. Saturday we've got to clean house and then the three of us are going to a local restaurant that's doing a kids' seating for New Year's Eve; I might go to a yoga class first, but the timing might not work or I might be a slug. I have gotten almost no exercise, and I haven't been to a yoga class in two weeks. I've also been sleeping a lot (for me), which results in weird and remembered dreams. (I only remember my dreams when I'm sleeping a lot.) This morning: I was wandering around with Dick Cheney, who was telling me that he's actually a Democrat and doesn't like the Republicans. There are other fragments, but that was by far the strangest.

If you're looking for an end-of-the-year questionnaire for yourself, here's one by the columnist who wrote the "wear sunscreen" column a few years ago.


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