Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Another First Day

Y'all want to know how it went, don't you?

Well, only my boss can evaluate it in a how-did-I-do sense, but I (a) enjoyed myself thoroughly and (b) worked my ass off. From 7 am until about 3:20, the only time I sat down was to pee. (As a result--of the standing, not the peeing--my left foot is excruciatingly painful right now.) I had a hand in (sometimes quite literally--up to my elbow at one point) chocolate muffins, red velvet cake, puff pastry dough, croissants (plain, almond, chocolate, and ham & cheese), and various sweet pastries (raised sweet dough topped with fruit and/or cream cheese filling and/or nuts and/or streusel). I'm obviously not very fast yet, especially with the big machines, but no one seems worried about that. I didn't do anything by myself (which was more than fine with me), and I can't quite figure out how tasks are allocated. One guy seems to do all of the baking. Another guy does the ordering and so on. The owner has his hand in everything, and he probably had me doing the most stuff today, though he'd occasionally assign me to the guy who does all of the laminated doughs (and big sheet cakes and so on). There are a couple of other guys who weren't there today for one reason or another. The only other woman in the back is in a separate room, decorating cakes. Everyone in the back speaks Spanish except me, and two of the above-mentioned guys are Hispanic; their English isn't great, but it's a hell of a lot better than my Spanish. (I'm going to have to learn it; no doubt about that.)

It really is a perfect place for me.

Two things occurred to me. One is that I haven't punched a time clock since the last part-time job I had before I moved here, so that's a little entertaining. I don't really care one way or the other about that one. The other thing is that I realized that a bunch of my nervousness can be chalked up to starting a new job AND a new career simultaneously; most people don't do that a lot, while it seems that I do that every time a start a new job.

No, the needlepoint isn't done yet, and probably won't be tonight. I'm hoping to see my husband at some point tonight. We've had the Kid with us since last Wednesday, so we were definitely looking forward to seeing each other tonight, maybe even going out for a bite. I get home from work, however, and find out that there's a Scout meeting tonight, and that the guy in charge called it today. I was sorely peeved; C isn't all that great at saying "no," at least not when the reason for the "no" is me. If it had been work, for example, that was in the way of the meeting, I suspect he'd have been more willing to say no. If he can get out of the meeting in time there may still be hope, but I won't know for another hour. Meanwhile, I'll do some chores so I don't have to do them later.


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