Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hot Underwear

Did I go to yoga tonight? No, I did not.

One of the young women who works in the front of the bakery is a trip and a half. Several of the employees are quiet, subdued, etc., but not Marlo, oh NO. She comes into the back and just chatters away, sometimes in a foul-mouthed fashion. She abuses everyone, though in such a well-meaning way it's impossible to get truly upset. (She's the one who kept telling me to smile.) She'd already mentioned having kids; today I found out that (a) she has four, and (b) the youngest is 8 and the oldest is 18, at which point I asked how old she is (36). So that was sort of interesting. She then mentioned going to "group" tonight, so I asked what the group was: "DV," she tells me, and then says "domestic violence." Apparently one of her boyfriends or husbands beat the everloving shit out of her--broke multiple bones, etc.--for which event he is serving time in prison. She got the hell out of that relationship--went to a shelter, she said, and so on, so good on her, even though she had to leave all her stuff behind.

The reason I mention her is that she is the spouter of my new favorite phrase, even though I disagree with just about every aspect of it. She's been saying that adultery is the worst thing ever (today she elaborated that she doesn't do married men--she'll go out with men who have girlfriends, who are living with someone, who are engaged, but not men who are married). She thinks it's worse than killing someone, that the deity will forgive murder before s/he'll forgive adultery. Of course, I don't believe in deities or in hell, and I disagree on the adultery thing, for that matter, even though I haven't told her that. She just thinks it's the worst thing ever: Those who commit adultery, she says, are "going to hell in a gasoline thong." Which just cracks me up.


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