Sunday, January 15, 2006

Late Nights without David Letterman


As I said to C this morning, I got home from the hockey-watching and beer-drinking too late to get up for school, were I still in school. You may remember I got up at 4 am for school, so, yes, I didn't manage to get in until 4:30 this morning. Not a lot of alcohol was consumed, but it sure was late. (It would have been even later had the local restaurant that serves up smut and eggs after midnight on Saturdays still been open, because we went by to acquire said items; they were closed, though.) It was fun watching the hockey, too: B is a pretty good player, it turns out, and I want him to teach me how to skate, maybe next Monday. It made me long to play handball, however, and I've got to figure out what I'm going to do about that. Yoga is all well and good (and I even made it to a class today), and I'm getting a certain amount of physical activity with the job--at lot, even, some days--but it's just not the same as playing handball. I'll figure something out, somehow.

As I was getting ready to go out last night, I realized that one of my big fears has not been realized, and I have C to thank for that. That is, in part because of the many years I spent by myself, I was used to doing as I pleased, when I pleased, and with whom I pleased. Last night's outing would not have been all that unusual; not necessarily a frequent occurance, but not unusual, either. Long before I met C, I worried a little about that: I really wanted to be able to hang out until all hours of the day and night with various friends, some of them male, and perhaps even with the occasional lover, and I thought perhaps I'd have a hard time finding someone who would be okay with that. I didn't know how much I'd have to, or want to, sacrifice, though I was pretty sure that some things would change.

And, of course, they have. If I hadn't been working on Saturday, I certainly would have gone to visit C's family with them--though even there, C is usually pretty willing to accomodate either handball or a yoga class when we're making those kinds of travel plans. That is, I'm not always available for such outings, and, really, I recognize that our relationship has to come first enough of the time to keep the relationship alive. But do you have any idea how happy I am that I ended up with someone who really does not care what I was doing last night, and even would have been okay with my not coming home at all?


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