Friday, January 13, 2006

No Clever Title

And I continue to produce away, getting my hands into just about everything. The manager--a guy whom the owner hired to run the place while the owner was practicing for a competition--seems like maybe he doesn't hate me after all (not that I really worried about that): yesterday and today he sent me home with loaves of bread. Yesterday was a sun-dried tomato and garlic and herb thing, and today was an absolutely gorgeous loaf of sourdough (I'd post a picture, except that the Kid and his father and I have polished off about half of it). One of the things that's kind of nice is that I start at 7:00 and don't usually break until after noon, which means there're only a couple of hours between lunch and heading home. The down side, though, is that I don't always get out at 3:00--yesterday I made the mistake of chatting with the manager, during which time he got a call that required pies . . . which I had to make. I didn't mind making the pies, but I would have liked to get to handball. It looks like I'm actually going to have to give up handball, unless I can get out by 3:30 on Tuesday and/or Thursday, or unless I can talk S into playing with me once in awhile. I'm kind of bummed about that, as you might imagine, but I don't know that there's anything I can do about it at this point. I need the exercise, too, despite the 7-9 hours/day on my feet and the shlepping of full sheet pans from hither to yon and back again.

I also still have no idea what I'm going to be paid. The manager has referred to me as "the intern" twice now, and interns don't always get paid, so that's kind of a concern. I really want to have the conversation with the owner rather than anyone else, but the owner was busy Wednesday afternoon with a meeting and left town yesterday morning. I wouldn't care all that much except that I have to call the unemployment people (or, rather, the automated system) and report on whether I've been working and getting paid. The owner specifically mentioned getting paid--when he said that we'd discuss that after I'd worked there for a week, and again when he said he paid people for 20 minutes for lunch--and I've been punching in and out, so I haven't been worrying in a major way, but still. It'd be nice to know. I wouldn't mind the feedback, either.

It does seem that there are some lines of . . . tension is a little too strong, but something like that. I can't quite figure out all of them, but some of it is Anglo/Hispanic, I think. I think Johnny is trying to figure out where I stand on this, i.e., do I align myself with the manager or with the other guys? Me, I just want to get along with everyone there. It's the tiniest bit strange being the only female in the back (there's one woman who decorates cakes, but she works in a different space), but I'm basically ignoring it and being one of the guys. If something's too heavy for me, I ask for help, and, of course, I'm still learning the various machines and such, but I've been assuming I can do whatever I'm asked to do, and it seems that my coworkers are making the same assumption, by and large. Next on the list: learn Spanish. Which, if I can focus on it, I can do on the train in the morning, i.e., for about 40 minutes/day, and then get Johnny to help.


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