Saturday, January 28, 2006

Politics, Sausage, and Baking

Lordy lou, this has been an intense week, and not all because of work. Still, it's all good. Great, as a matter of fact.

What I've contributed at my job so far:
  • big yellow sponges with green scrubby stuff on the back are useful for cleaning the muffin machine
  • big yellow sponges w/o the green stuff, cut in half (so you have two sort-of-squares instead of a big rectangle) and then cut almost in half through the sponge (so it's kind of like a mouth) are very useful for wiping off the knife you're using to cut an Opera cake
  • if the butter was too cold and didn't incorporate properly into the batter, you can torch the (40-quart) bowl rather than wait for the whole thing to come to room temperature
  • the joconde for the opera cake should probably be a little thicker, so the recipe needs to be upped a little bit
Also, when I told the owner that the sour-cream crumb cake he makes is like the cake my mom makes, and that my dad has dubbed said cake "funeral cake," because my mom always takes it when someone dies, the owner was so amused he renamed the cake "funeral cake."

Other things I've learned:
  • the 40-quart bowl is capable of leaping off of the mixer, while the mixer is running (I'm not making that up)
  • lifting sheet pans full of dough all day will increase the strength of your arms and shoulders (and thereby improve your handball game, when you have a chance to play)
  • if you torch the 40-quart bowl, the bowl will be hot, even if the batter isn't, so don't touch the bowl
  • piping makes my hands hurt, probably because the piping bags are so big
  • if you don't put the muffin machine back together properly, it won't spew out the right amount of batter
  • and, finally, baking is like politics and sausage, i.e., you may like the result, but you don't want to see either being made.

Okay, it's time to make some dinner and then work on a new recipe (I'm going to combine the chocolate mousse from the world cupcake with the raspberry mousse from the raspberry cake, along with either a chocolate dacquoise or a chocolate sponge). I borrowed some cake rings from work, so we'll see how it works out. And sleep. I definitely need some of that.


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