Monday, January 02, 2006


I got off my sorry butt and went to a yoga class today. I had serious trouble getting to sleep last night, in part, I suspect, because I've gotten so little exercise in the past two-three weeks. (Some general anxiety about (a) starting a new job tomorrow and (b) my old company collapsing under the weight of its debt probably contributed, as well.) And I think I have to find/create a way to do at least a little yoga each day. My hips tighten up terribly, as do my hamstrings--and, thanks to class, my plantar fascitis feels better right now than it has in weeks.

Meanwhile, there are two eight-year-olds running around the house at the moment; they're going swimming soon. I should be able to finish the needlepoint today, and I have to make some cheese bread rolls for C's lunches. I will post photos when those chores are done.


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