Friday, February 10, 2006

Days' Work (Thursday and Friday)

Yeah, so I missed yesterday; so sue me. I had dinner with B last night, and then waited up for Craw to get home, because his head was exploding with waiting to find out about the job. Yesterday's list, as best I can remember:
  • dropped about 54 dozen muffins into tins (after first putting little paper cups into the tins, and putting each tin on a sheet pan, and putting streusel on the banana muffins)
  • made 72 pounds of croissant dough (which involved 43 pounds of flour, which meant I went to the basement and lugged a 50-pound sack of flour upstairs)
  • made the croissants for today (and got a ton of compliments from my boss for how my laminating is going)
  • cleaned the new dough sheeter thoroughly
  • helped put the baguettes into the oven
  • moved the dough balls from the shaping machine onto boards (while one of my coworkers moved the dough from big balls into the shaping machine)
  • made almond filling for the croissants
  • cleaned the muffin machine, which means taking it apart, cleaning each piece, lubing up some of the washers, putting the machine back together, and hoisting it on its chain so it hangs from the ceiling once again
I know I'm forgetting a few things, so you'll have to wait until I can look at my list. Meanwhile, today I:
  • made another 72 pounds of croissant dough
  • laminated 12 pieces of croissant dough
  • put cheesecake crust into petit four molds and, later, into heart-shaped molds
  • made cheesecake filling twice, once for the mini-cheesecake petit fours and once for the heart-shaped cheesecakes that will get strawberry topping
  • lugged another 50-pound bag of flour upstairs
  • made three dozen ham and cheese, three dozen almond, four dozen chocolate, and nine dozen plain croissants, and put the additional seven pieces into the freezer until tomorrow
  • made egg wash for the croissants, yesterday and today (I prefer to make it more often rather than less, because raw eggs sitting around, ick)
I'm sure there was more, but I'm exhausted. The good news is that a job offer is apparently winging its way toward Craw; no idea whether it'll be a good offer, but, hey, it's an offer. That's two down, three to go--i.e., two people close to me have job offers, and three more are still looking (one has had two interviews, and our collective fingers are crossed). I hadn't thought about it until this week, but it's true that four of my closest friends (if we can count Craw as A Friend for these purposes) and my most recent ex-boss are looking for jobs. It's a little crazed.

Okay, I'm exhausted: Craw didn't get home until nearly 11:30 last night, and my alarm still went off at 4:54, though, of course, my brain decided that 4 am was a fine fucking time to wake up. Four hours of sleep really isn't enough . . .


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