Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Day's Work (Tuesday)

I kept a list today . . . but I left the little notebook at work. Here's what I remember:
  • greased 36 7-inch pans
  • greased and papered a half-dozen or so sheet pans, and greased another dozen w/o putting down parchment
  • broke 360 eggs into a bucket
  • went downstairs and got the cookie machine onto and then off the little lift
  • separated the croissant dough into six-pound pieces and put it in the freezer
  • "caught" approximately 80 sheet pans of cookies (i.e., Jackie fed the pans into the guitar cutter, which dropped rows of variously shaped cookies onto the pans, and I grabbed the pans from the other end and put them onto speed racks)
  • dipped about 2/3 of those cookies into one or another kind of sprinkle
  • laminated the six pieces of croissant dough, i.e., sandwiched butter between the dough), putting single folds into four pieces and a double fold (or book fold) into two pieces, and then putting an additional double fold into each piece
  • talked with the owner and Johnnie about croissant production
  • made tomorrow's croissant dough (which means Johnnie doesn't have to do it in the morning)
  • made approximately three dozen ham and cheese, three dozen almond, six dozen chocolate, and six dozen plain croissants, rolled the almond croissants in almonds, and egg-washed all of them, then distributed the pans to the rolling rack or the freezer, as appropriate
I had lunch in there somewhere, too (leftover whole-wheat spaghetti, with some frozen broccoli thrown on top). The timing is such that I can watch the sun rise over the lake and the eastern most part of the city from the window of the train as I go to work in the morning, which is most cool. Soon I'll be going to work in the daylight, which seems wrong, somehow, for a baker, but I do enjoy being able to observe the change of seasons with this work. The fact that I leave so close to the same time every day makes it much easier to note these facts; with office jobs, my arrival time might vary by as much as an hour or an hour and a half, depending on what I was doing. It's too soon to think seriously about ditching the winter coat--WAY too soon--but the increasing daylight hours make it seem like less of an impossibility.


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