Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Day's Work (Wednesday)

Today's list, as best I can remember it:
  • cut up 72 pounds of dough into 6-pound pieces and store 36 pounds of it in the downstairs freezer, but only temporarily, which means each tray goes down the stairs and then up the stairs, all because there was stuff on the lift and I couldn't use a speed rack to take the trays up or down all at once
  • pound 18 pounds of butter, in 1.5-pound chunks, and laminate the above-mentioned 72 pounds of dough with the butter
  • dip approximately 425 little heart cookies into chocolate such that only half of the heart is covered in chocolate
  • cut up onion rye dough into 16 3-pound-12-ounce pieces, and, after the dough rises, help cut each of those pieces into 36 rolls
  • cut up tomato-garlic-Italian-spice dough into about a dozen 2.5-pound pieces, and later help cut those pieces into rolls
  • cut up about 35 pounds of brioche dough, shape it into balls, let it rise, and then shape each piece into a loaf
  • eat way more sugar than is healthy, mostly in the form of two-day-old cinnamon rolls, which means I could just eat the really good sugary bits in the middle
  • brush off the dough sheeter so it can be dismantled to make way for a new (used) dough sheeter that is about two feet shorter on one end, thus making more space in the kitchen; watch the owner climb on scaffold to rewire the outlet for the new sheeter; discover, with him, that the new sheeter doesn't quite work yet; and make room in a corner for the old sheeter so today's croissants and tomorrow's doughnuts can be made (the latter not by me)
  • attempt to get a handle on just how many croissants should be made on a given day, and discover that the night baker didn't realize I'd taken today's order for an extra 17 chocolate croissants into account when I made up the trays yesterday, thus baking an extra dozen and a half chocolate croissants
  • make today's croissants, trying (and succeeding) not to let the dough fall to the floor because the catch-trays aren't available; the list includes about 30 ham and cheese, 36 chocolate, 24 almond (we're out of almond filling until Johnnie shows me how to make more tomorrow), and 72 plain
  • transfer the baked tomato rolls to sheet pans, in part because Brad (a) made a small loaf of bread out of the leftover bit of dough that couldn't be made into rolls and (b) gave said loaf to me
There was a certain amount of standing around today, given the craziness with the sheeters. I did not make it to yoga, though there's still a chance (not a very big chance, mind you) that I'll get off my ass and go downstairs and work out or something. At least I can unload the dishwasher and set up Craw's coffee for tomorrow and so on, before I go have a quick beer with S. Craw and the Kid are racing cars tonight at cub scouts and won't be home until about 9:00 or so, but I haven't seen that much of Craw.

As you can tell, today was kind of an off day, given the standing around parts, but that's just the way it goes sometimes. I did my best to pitch in with someone else when there wasn't anything obvious for me to do, but it was definitely slowish. Still, I've been marveling at how much I'm learning from all of this. There's no substitute for getting my hands in there and just doing things, and it's interesting learning it from people who are good at it, who expect (and need) me to get it quickly, and who are running a business rather than teaching a class.


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