Sunday, February 19, 2006


Yes, people, today I earned some RBPs (Relationship Bonus Points), primarily by not being an asshole. Today is the Blue and Gold Dinner, which is apparently a BFD for boy and cub scouts (they get patches and promotions and the like), and you may remember that Craw is a scout leader and the Kid is a cub scout. Because his pack is located at the catholic church where he goes to school, they also have this thing about once/month called "Scout Mass," wherein all of the scouts show up in uniform. Craw and I left at about 9:00 this morning (yes, I sacrificed yoga), with the plan of picking up the Kid, dropping me off at a coffee shop somewhere, them proceeding to the aforementioned mass, and us all hooking up after mass, along with the lovely and talented ex-wife and her parents, for the B&G Dinner. Craw called the lovely and talented as we headed out to her house, and she began one of her patented rants; I'm not sure what, exactly, Craw had done wrong this time (except perhaps take me, his actual spouse, to the volunteer appreciation dinner at the church a couple of weeks ago, and let me tell you that that event was not the highlight of my social life, or perhaps it was the fact that I would be along today, because I'm, you know, Craw's wife and the Kid's stepmother). I stayed in the car so he could negotiate with her (and I offered to not go to the dinner, if that would be preferable, so long as the Kid knew why I wasn't going), and apparently there was more drama, all taking place in front of the Kid, of course. But they came out and we all drove off to find me a coffee shop. The one Craw remembered turned out to be closed, so it was back to the McDonald's a couple of blocks from the church, but decaffeinated coffee-flavored beverage and a gummy cinnamon roll were still preferable (in my mind) to the body and blood of christ, so that was okay. (Hey, I've seen transubstantiation and wasn't that impressed.) I sat there for awhile, with my NY Times, but ended up writing a long, and long overdue, letter to an old friend (yes, with paper and--wait for it--a fountain pen; I love fountain pens). I called my old boss to congratulate him on his new job, I chatted with my mom. Then Craw called to tell me that the Kid threw up twice during mass, and so was going home with L&T. Craw still had to attend the dinner, but I did not; he dropped me at the train station so I could get home. He was apologetic for me missing yoga, but I pointed out that I got credit for being willing to go to the dinner without have to actually attend the dinner, plus I get some time to hang out by myself, so it's really a winning situation all around.

Meanwhile, my boss loves (loves, loves, loves) the work I'm doing with the croissants; he particularly likes my lamination, so I got that going for me, which is nice. Craw is still negotiating with his prospective employer; if they meet his last request, we should be able to manage it, though we might have to move and some economies will be necessary. (We'll for sure have to rent another space for his office, which is what makes it more difficult to afford.) And I have to play handball Tuesday night (I'm filling in on the team, so it really is "have to," and, since it's at 7:00 pm, I'll have time to get there). I know, I know, nothing that big of a deal here, but still. It's good.


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